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Algeria client and Zhengzhou Dingli cooperation wine Cork raw material drying project

Time: 2016-05-20Author: dingli

Zhengzhou dingli new energy limited company focused on drying project development, research and development of products are exported to overseas, received praise from  foreign clients. Recently biomass drying equipment  has signed, Algeria client from Africa and and zhengzhou dingli company co-operating wine Cork raw material drying project.

Algeria is the North Africa country, has a long winemaking history have created a brilliant history of the wine industry, wine export volume has ranked first in the world, occupies an important position in the world's wine industry. Most of the wine adopt in polymeric raw material is pelletize synthetic, both ends to stick the Cork, wine Cork of main raw material is Oak veneer, oak wood chips.its dry principle and similar to the wood drying, Zhengzhou dingli company production of biomass drying equipment can reduce Cork pellet moisture, to make wine Cork raw material water content standards.

 Zhengzhou dingli company targeted the development of biomass dryer according to market needs, suitable for wood chips, sawdust, bamboo, wood chips, wood shavings, straw, rice straw, and peanuts, potato vines, beans drying stalks and other materials. Currently Zhengzhou dingli biomass drying equipment cooperation with the customers all over the world, at the local level of hot sale, needless to say, we work with customers on a case is clear. In the world, exported to Russia and the United Kingdom, and Italy, and Chile, and Israel, and Morocco, Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, and Malaysia, and Viet Nam and other countries, like from Malaysia, and Viet Nam and other countries customers to cooperate with our company several times.

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