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Signed new fermentation dregs for organic fertilizer projects

Time: 2016-05-23Author: dingli

A Beijing company based on dingli company's site visits, then the company decided to buy dingli company's products, at the beginning of May, zhengzhou dingli new energy technology limited company gained a good news from  Sales Department , a Beijing company decided to  purchase our new fermenting dregs of organic fertilizer eqipment, capacity was producing 50 tons, installation site in Xinxiang of Henan province. This set of equipment is the first in the country to made-after-fermentation dregs of comprehensive utilization of organic fertilizer!

Dregs accumulation, landfill, would have certain impact on the environment, will be a waste of resources. In order to comply with the development trend of green and clean production, through the use of the dregs residue, not only saves a huge amount of sewage charges can use it as a fuel and used in the production of biomass edible fungi, organic fertilizers etc.

Drying equipment for comprehensive utilization of dregs is one of the six main products of Zhengzhou dingli. Zhengzhou dingli company  will always adhere to, quality is first, to provide selection, installation, product line designed to provide scientific advice and guidance, in order to provide better service.

Zhengzhou dingli company strongly established for many years, always adhere to the high standards and quality products requirements and walk in the forefront of the industry, continuous technological improvement, improve product quality, with many customers at home and abroad to establish a long-term and stable cooperation, in the future,  Zhengzhou dingli company will continue to provide customers with quality equipment and perfect service, welcome customers to visit dingli company and  ordered the products of dingli company.

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