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Cooperation of brewer's grain drying project

Date:2016-06-08 19:20:19 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

After China Resources Snow Breweries Co.Ltd, Budweiser InBev (Jiamusi) Beer Co. Ltd with Zhengzhou Dingli company develop brewer's grain drying project, Budweiser InBev (Foshan) brewery Ltd signed a cooperation agreement with our company to jointly build 600 t/d brewer's grain drying production line.
sss(1).jpgBudweiser InBev (Jiamusi) Beer Co. Ltd is Budweiser InBev beer group in China opened its first Winery. After years of large-scale production and expansion, now become local the largest brewery in Foshan city, production beer of output capacity 1.5 million tons/year , Brewer's yeast and Brewer's grain of ouput capacity nearly 600t/day. In Dingli company order of large brewer's grain machinery dehydration machine、 Brewer's grain dryer etc quipment, can quick and make large amounts of wastes such as distiller's grains, yeast etc drying and dehydration, fixed into animal feed filler, solve transportation, storage problems, make a profit from them.

Zhengzhou Dingli company production of Brewer's grain drum dryer with three layer structure, flexible configuration, small footprint, good thermal insulation properties, high evaporation intensity, brewer can be dried at one time to 10%~12%. Welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit Dingli company and order our products.











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