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Foreign mission "get together" Zhengzhou Dingli company for Visiting the equipment and mining opportunities

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With closer economic ties worldwide, logistics and transport level has improved continuously. Zhengzhou Dingli company procreative drying equipment has became "agility", exported to Asia Africa Europe and other countries and regions. In order to better meet the needs of domestic and international markets, Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Limited company  to established and perfect the management and supervision system, spare no effort to improve the overall technical level of equipment.

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Golden in June, Iran Macedonia MadagascarIndia etc and other foreign missions, "get together" into the Zhengzhou Dingli company study  to discuss cooperation.

On June 10, Zhengzhou Dingli company welcomed the delegation from Madagascar, be located Africa. Research Project is yeast drying production line, yeast can be used in food and pharmaceutical industry also has a wide range of applications, can be used to extract protein, vitamins, produce food additives,  functional food and feed and so on.

On June 12, the 3-Member Macedonian delegation visits our vinem and  stem etc dry granulation equipment. the customer has wineries and wine-growing estate at the local, every year outputs a lot of vines and associated materials (such as grape seed), the final product is made from particle for fuel.

Zhengzhou Dingli company received two tours in different countries On June 13, separately from Iran and India. They visited sawdust, coconut bran drying granulating equipment, belong to the comprehensive utilization of biomass energy and environmental protection fields.

Why do we attract so many customers abroad? they took a fancy to Zhengzhou Dingli company quality have guaranteed,guiding the technology of drying, professional drying production line, no do other equipment. In industry in the first through ISO international quality management system certification and EU CE certification; national patent up to more than 200 more items, invention patent 5 items, scientific payoffs 4 items, technology progress award 1 items; focused development production dry production line, to "Always do industry leading, always do industry first brand" of enterprise target build credict first , and quality excellence, and attentive service, and renowned at home and abroad of "Dingli" brand.

 Zhengzhou Dingli company unique industry technical advantages and unique international logistic advantages and booming development of corporate image to make a profound impression for these missions.










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