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Customers from Thailand to our company to discuss "yeast dryer" cooperation

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On July 16, Customers from Thailand to our company to discuss "yeast dryer" cooperation. Niu manager  and Miao manager in a sales department  jointly received the "land of smiles" guests.


In Dingli company conference room, our manager for customers to playing our yeast dryer case and video. And that introduced in detail to customers the whole yeast drying process, production plan and technical parameters etc. It is interrogatory for customer to detailed technical explanations. And according to customer production needs and material properties made reasonable equipment programmes, both look forward to  subsequent cooperation.

Zhengzhou Dingli has been created for over ten years.And that With a high-end positioning and catch the world advanced drying technology of perseverance, rely on unique design, high quality dryer products and meticulous follow-up service, Dingli dryer products have been in large quantities exported and renowned overseas. Up to now, Dingli company has a number of wood drying production lines, yeast drying production lines and Brewer grain dryer production lines etc put into production in more than 30 overseas countries.



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