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India customers continuous ordered 3 sets of drying equipment

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India customers continuous ordered 3 sets of drying equipment on August 15th. They were 2 sets of coconut coir drying equipment and 1 set of coconut fiber drying equipment, it’s capacity is 2 tons per hour. A customer a one-time ordered 3 sets of drying equipment, whether are domestic trade or foreign trade, it is the first time for Zhengzhou Dingli company.
Our company of coconut coir drying equipment exported to Sri Lanka as early as last year. Currently, the coconut coir drying line running well, benefits is stability. Zhengzhou Dingli company of coconut coir drying technology has been mastered. During coconut coir drying equipment research and development, our company applications a number of national patents. It can be customized according to the customer's production requirements. This year our company "Coconut coir drying equipment technology research and its applications" article is published in "China Science and technology vertical and horizontal" magazine.

Coconut fiber is also called coconut palm, it is a very rare natural fiber. It has solid texture, wear resistance is very good and water-resistant. It is environmentally-friendly materials that used for a variety of cushioning. What’s more, it has breathable and heat insulation effect and there is no chemical contamination.

Our company dryer technology is advanced, according to the customer's specific demand for customized. Equipment is low running cost, system stability and drying uniform quality. Our company will continue to provide quality of drying equipment for customers. Welcome to consult.



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