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Our company design of yeast dryer finished debugging and successful operation in Vietnam

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Zhengzhou Dingli company design of yeast dryer finished debugging and successful operation in Vietnam. The machine operated after 48 hours,formally put into production. During operation the indicators are to meet customer requirements, clients were very satisfied with the equipment.
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Vietnam beer sales volume is after China and Japan, ranked third in Asia. Beer yeast of yields also are relatively high. The beer brewing process of waste waste mainly is in brewer's yeast and waste yeast. With beer production has increased year after year, during beer brewing of waste such as brewer's grain and waste yeast are also increasing rapidly. Beer brewing produced of a large number of by-product and waste, if there are no to be used, which is caused enormous resources waste and serious environment pollution. Because of the strict environmental protection laws, and beer by-products and waste of development and utilization get attached great importance. Beer waste recycling not only can reduce environment pollution, but also develops the potential of high value-added products, can greatly improve enterprise's economic efficiency.

Our company research and development of yeast dryer mainly used for brewery recycling waste yeast, different specifications of dryers can meet annual capacity from 30,000 to 100,000-ton of brewery of needs. The machine is also suitable for food, chemical and pharmaceutical etc. The equipment of main engine is by dryers, racks,drive system, scraper device,limited device, scraping device, soak device,steam road system composition. In addition, it equipped with electrical control cabinet and the exhaust hood.





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