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Vietnam brewer’s grain drying equipment has successfully put into production

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Vietnam customer customized 2 sets of brewer’s grain dryer has successfully finished installation and debugging , which means our company's products has got a great improvement in the international market .
Our company engineer vice president Liu personally arrived in Vietnam, he guided installation and debugging. At present, the equipment has basically meet production requirements , customers gave a positive affirmation on the equipment operation effect.

Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd has the following brewer’s grain drying production line national utility model patent: Brewers dehydrated drying device ZL 2009 2 0089747.8, Beer yeast dryer ZL 2009 2 0090842.5 and Screw extrusion dehydrator ZL 2009 2 0089748.8

Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd engaged in brewer’s grain drying production line for decades. Our company does well in taking brewer’s grain drying technology and equipment performance. The equipment can apply to various high wet material, and it also can free site test, design equipment process and equipment configuration for customer. The Vietnam brewer's grain drying production line officially went into operation, meanwhile it also marks Zhengzhou Dingli company high wet material dried processing field make a step forward on international market. Welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit our company.


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