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Our company cooperation large brewer’s grain drying project with Yanjing brewery group

Time: 2017-01-05Author: dingli

New year of first working day is after new year's day into 2017. We know from the sales department to gain sign the good news. Dingli company cooperation large brewer’s grain drying project with Yanjing brewery group. Zhengzhou Dingli company formally signed a cooperation contract on January 3.

To contribute to build a beautiful China, Yanjing brewery to practice environmental production and social responsibility. Yanjing brewery group is in the process of development production, to coordinate environmental protection and economic, through recycling brewer’s grain strongly promote circular economy, take a new road to industrialization. Company output of brewer's grain moisture content is 85%, it is difficult to be all recycled. By understanding the brewer’s grain recycling conditions, drying brewer’s grain can be processed into feed sold to livestock farms.

Yanjing brewery group investigated domestic many drying equipment manufacturers, that wants to find a partner, in order to solve the problem of recycling brewer’s grain. When customer visited Zhengzhou Dingli company, our company enumerated some large domestic brewery manufactures case site pictures and production running video, that was our company cooperation’s company brewery manufactures company, which is all Anheuser-busch inbev (jiamusi) brewery company and Huarun snowflake brewery company (Henan province) etc. Zhengzhou Dingli company research and development production of large-scale environmental production brewer’s grain drying line, to effectively promote and solve major brewery waste residue using the problem. It is take a fancy to this point, Yanjing brewery group decided to cooperate with our company.

Yanjing brewery group production and sales is 5.031 million liters, into world beer production and sales is the top eight in the world, sales income is RMB 14.419 billion, pre-tax profit is RMB 3.226 billion, realizing a profit is RMB 1.052 billion. --Yanjing brewery group uses 20 years across the world beer industry's 100-year history. Yanjing brewery group trademark goodwill value total is RMB 24.523 billion.

Yanjing brewery group has been named the country’s 500 best economic-efficiency industrial enterprise, China hundred enterprises in industry. Yanjing brewery group was designated as "the great Hall of the state dinner special for wine" and China International Airlines etc four airlines catering with wine and the first domestic beer sponsor of the Beijing Olympics.

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