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Congratulate for our company won 32 new type patent certificate again

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Our company drying technology innovation gained new achievements, a one-time receive up to 32 new patented. All the time, the company attaches great importance to technological innovation and independent intellectual property rights of accumulation and protection. Declaration and application of patent, that is more and more valued by company executives and technology sectors.
Utility new patent refers to the product's shape, structure or fits for utility new technical solutions, which has novelty, inventiveness and utility. Our company is valued patent protection, not only protect the company's technological innovations, but also laid the foundation for company of "innovative" enterprises. Effective quality improvement and technology innovation, that will effectively lay good foundation for corporate branding, enhance core competitiveness of enterprises.

So far, Zhengzhou Dingli company has gained more than 200 more new patent and 6 invention patent. In recent years, Dingli group has strictly according to company positioning, takes various effective measures and vigorously develops technology innovation enterprise. Our company puts technology innovation, independent intellectual property of declared and protection, scientific research of transform and using, catches technology innovation, improves products quality and has received obviously effectiveness.

Our company's research and development team will continue to be "Zhengzhou city dry research and development center as a platform. And our company has achieved intellectual property quality management system certification in the same industry. Our company encourages technicians to research, increase science and technology of research and development pace, improve enterprises of core competitiveness for dryer equipment and make a positive contribution for different high-moisture materials industry.

Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd main products are biomass pellet fuel production equipment, coal sludge, coal drying equipment, dregs and feed type of dewatering drying equipment. Its high quality products not only occupy the domestic market (including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao), but also long-term exchanges and cooperation with overseas countries. Our company products always maintain the greatest level, and won a wide range of international markets, exported to Vietnam, Madagascar, Algeria, Malaysia, India and Sri Lanka etc more than 20 countries. Our company has more than 300 strategic partners in the globe, and our warmly welcomes domestic and foreign customers to negotiate business.

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