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Zhengzhou Dingli company coal slime drying lines into the northeast Liaoning

Time: 2017-02-09Author: dingli

After the new year, entered the February Zhengzhou Dingli company ushered in signing smaller peaks, Liaoning a client signed a set of 1000 t/d coal slime drying lines with our company.

Before this, Zhengzhou Dingli company as early as 2012 cooperation with Liaoning Fuxin group, that is 2000 t/d large-scale coal slime drying project. Our company cooperation with Liaoning customers coal slime dryer production line, its annual output is 200,000 tons, and last year,  Liaoning Shuangshu coal mine coal slime drying line with an annual output is 300,000 tons.

So many customers choose to cooperate with our company, after which are a comprehensive market visited, after see our company technical strength and coal slime dryer cases, eventually that selected our company. Zhengzhou Dingli company always specializes in drying technology, after many years technological innovation, which has accumulated rich experience, and for continued rapid development provide a solid technical guarantee. Today, Zhengzhou Dingli company has made more than 300 national patents, 2 scientific research and more than 500 customers.

And Zhengzhou Dingli company has cooperated coal enterprise throughout river north and south, equipment more sell abroad. Zhengzhou Dingli company not only has first-class technology, and rich experience of design and manufacturing personnel made exclusive production project, configuration parameter and build quality of drying machine equipment for user, but also gradually set up a professional after-sales service team assist customer right installation, and debugging equipment, regularly visit customer, understand equipment run, help customer solution production questions and equipment fault. Let each coal slime dryer users are at ease, and gain praise from at home and abroad customer.

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