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International orders: export to Indonesian lignite dryer equipment delivery

Date:2017-02-18 15:30:44 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

Recently, Zhengzhou Dingli company exports to Indonesia lignite dryer equipment delivery. After Indonesia customer ordered our company lignite dryer is completed, through checkout and loaded container formal delivery. The equipment is expected to arrive in destination within a prescribed time.

Our company focus on the domestic market meanwhile providing high quality equipment for the foreign customers. After Indonesia customer signed lignite dryer, our company immediately set up project teams and send a technical team on-site investigations, and timely design project for the customer, and effectively promote the project progress. Our company engineers is responsible for the project installation and commissioning, who is rich experienced. Ensure that the project ordered installation, lets customers use real Dingli company dryer equipment.

Zhengzhou Dingli company is engaged in coal drying for many years, our company products have enormous market potential, suit for lignite mining enterprises at home and abroad. Welcome to requirement of customers to visit our company.


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