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Guangxi sawdust drying project’s installation progress

Date:2017-04-05 19:55:52 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

The follow-up live installation progress of Dingli sawdust dryer equipment in Guangxi site:
Guangxi customers and Zhengzhou Dingli cooperated in the sawdust drying production line has entered the installation phase in February 2016. At present, the set of sawdust drying line’s all main equipments have finished installing, which is the end of the work. It’s under the live supervision of Zhengzhou Dingli after-sale large project manager, to ensure that the quality and quantity of the installation work. The cooperation of two sides are happy, everything is a very smooth progress. It is reported that the recent construction can be completed, sawdust dryer debugging, after test the machine can be put into operation.

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