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Dingli officially signed contract with Jiangsu customers for printing and dyeing sludge drying project

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Good news came from Dingli’s sales department: Dingli and Jiangsu customers signed a printing and dyeing sludge drying equipment whose daily processing capacity is 50 tons, they have officially signed the contract. Printing and dyeing sludge components has chemical fiber and cotton fabric etc, including the "calorific value" which can be used to generate electricity. 
Dingli ‘s sludge drying equipment is the most important role of sludge drying, first drying sludge, evaporated half of the water, and then cooling, through this way to filter out the harmful substances in the sludge, finally monitored remaining residue. If useless, as garbage to make landfill, if renewable, it can make cement brick and so on.

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