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Dingli was awarded the title of "National S&T Small and Medium-sized Enterprise"

Time: 2018-05-17Author: dingli
Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Co., Ltd was selected as a technology-based SME. It relying on an elite research and development team, it always adheres to the development strategy of “innovation and development, and development and innovation”. It strives to develop new products, continuously enhances independent innovation capabilities, and improves intellectual property rights. The level and ability of management and protection, improve the ownership and quality of independent property rights, enhance the advantages of technology research and development, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.
Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Co., Ltd of Drying Equipment has successively settled in Budweiser, Yanjing Beer, Snow Beer, Ito Group, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical and other well-known enterprises. It successively exported to Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America and other five continents. It has become a drying brand trusted by the general public. In the future development, our company will continue to adhere to the spirit of independent innovation. We believe that the competitiveness of our core technology will become stronger and stronger.

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