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Congratulations to Dingli’s coal slime dryer equipment is going to putting into operation

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 Recently, Dingli’s another coal slime dryer equipment production line has installed in Shanxi. The next step is commissioning phase, and it can be putting into operation after commissioning. Dingli have a number of coal slime drying line case sites in Shanxi, which is high recognition for our company's drying equipment.

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 After the project's coal slime dryer is putting into production, it will meet all production requirements of customers. At the same time, the new coal slime dryer equipment provided by our company will greatly improve raw material drying efficiency, save energy and environmental protection, and it also save a certain operating cost for customers. Its success once again embodies of Dingli's integrity. It also marks that we have another coal slime drying line in Shanxi. If you are interested in coal slime dryers, welcome to Dingli inquiry and order equipment.

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