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Some tips for improving the efficiency of feed dryers

Time: 2018-08-14Author: dingli

The efficiency of the feed dryer will directly affect the company's revenue. Today, we will introduce the skills to improve the efficiency of the dryer, and hope to help everyone.


First of all, the correct operation can ensure the normal operation of the feed dryer, ensure timely feeding, avoid the occurrence of material breakage, affect the progress of the production line, regulate the state of the feed dryer, observe whether the accessories are in normal operation during operation. Whether the heat is normal, etc., these processes require close attention of the staff. Dingli's new feed dryer fully and high temperature foundation when the material is dry, reduce heat loss, increase heat exchange area, improve heat energy utilization, reduce energy consumption, and bake The thermal efficiency of the dryer has been greatly improved. The dryer has low transmission power, reduces noise during equipment operation, and has good sealing effect. The production line is equipped with professional dust removal equipment, which enables customers to make raw materials into feeds with environmental protection and high efficiency.

Nowadays, there are many enterprises that cooperate with Dingli feed drying project. If you want to know more about the drying process of feed dryer, you can consult online customer service. Dingli is a professional manufacturer of feed dryers such as distiller dryers and yeast dryers. Welcome new and old customers to visit.

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