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Indian customers Visited Dingli Biomass pellet plant

Time: 2018-10-11Author: dingli

 On 9th,October 2018,a group of indian customers came to visit Dingli biomass pellet plant. They use the rice husk,peanut,sawdust and some other fruit shell as the raw material to make the pellet.Because of rich biomass source such as rice husk and peanut in India,they want to use these agro-waste to purify the environment and make full use of local biomass resource. We talk about the project.visit the factory workshop,Indian friends are satisfied with our equipments,they believe we will have a good cooperation between each other.


Indian is a main market of Dingli,now we have around 5-6 sets of production line in Indian market,in 2018,around 10 indian customers came to visit our company and discuss the cooperation,some of them also wanted to be as a agent in Indian to be responsible for Dingli’s equipment,this is a good and bright future between Dingli and South Asia countries.

Biomass is a traditional industry of our company,we will try our best to develop the equipment techniques and make good service for each customers,make Dingli brand popular in the world market.

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