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Dingli’s Yeast Dryer signed new order again

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 A good news came from Dingli yesterday: Dingli cooperated with Hebei customer on a large yeast drying project, and officially signed the contract.

During the beer fermentation process, a large amount of waste yeast sludge was produced. In the past, the brewery directly discharged a large amount of yeast waste liquid generated in the production process, and extremely active single-cell yeast caused great pollution to the environment after being discharged. Feeding and utilizing through yeast dryer can turn waste into treasure. In recent years, many breweries have begun to deep-process beer by-products, which can reduce environmental pollution and increase economic benefits.

Dingli’s yeast drying equipment has won the favor of more customers with superior performance, reasonable price and good reputation, and has successfully exported to Cambodia, Madagascar and other countries. Not only enjoys high popularity in China, but also has ability to enter foreign markets and has been recognized by foreign users. Welcome to Dingli inquiry and order equipment.



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