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Explain the future development trend of slimes as main energy

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 Although the development and use of new energy has caused a certain impact on the coal industry, the main position of coal slime as a major energy source cannot be replaced in the short term. Therefore, coal companies are still giving high hopes for the development and utilization of coal slime. Select the right slime dryer for processing.


After the mined coal slurry is dried, the difference in water content and the quality of the coal will be applied in different fields. After the coal sludge is dried, it should be used in many fields. For example, slime containing certain specific ingredients can be used as a chemical raw material; As a fuel for power plants, some coal slime will be used as a raw material to process slime briquette for use in industrial boilers or residential life. Slime is widely used after drying, and as a raw material for energy, it is the main application method, and it cannot be completely used at present. Instead, we hope that everyone will realize this, but the different application directions will cause different conditions such as dry moisture during the treatment of coal sludge. Therefore, companies need to choose different types of slime dryers to handle. Now Zhengzhou Dingli is more suitable for customers to use it. The equipment introduced a customized slime dryer service tailored to the needs, allowing customers to use the appropriate equipment without worry.

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