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The large capacity of sand dryer designed by Dingli

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Sand dryer machine is the heat through exhaust fan into the host internal with sand for heat exchange.The hot blast stove add heat, hot blast stove and sand dryer host connected, hot blast stove internal will set a layer of refractory brick, the purpose is to prevent heat loss, also can prevent operator be burned.In front of the stove itself has three small windows, two is for join fuel (commonly uses coal), one is for take out the cinder, one is the maintenance door, design increases the size of convenient for maintenance personnel to enter.Coal in the dryer should not be cast into the grate, should be put into the hearth, make the air forming the flame, can save coal at best level.

According to the determination of each working day can save coal 15kg.This is caused by coal combustion formed when each time in a relatively open flue have full combustion, to avoid loss of combustibles.In case of avoid the fire is too high, can put cinder cover it.Both to reduce the baking temperature, and recycling.When sand through quicksand tube into the host internal, under the effect of exhaust fan, inside the heat into the host and sand for heat exchange, after design and improvement,the heat and sand sufficient heat exchange, the maximum heat transfer to sand, avoid a large amount of heat loss.This can be very good to the user save fuel purchase cost, direct and effective way to improve economic benefit.
In order to meet the demand for high output by our customer. Zhengzhou Dingli design the large capacity sand dryer, large capacity of sand dryers dryer cylinder diameter increasing, at the same time, increased feed plate arrangement way and quantity, make the sand inside the barrel can be fully heated.Abandon past the sand dryer has a blind Angle drying is not complete.The temperature control of sand dryer adopts automatic control at the same time.
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