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Environmentally friendly potato dregs dryer

Time: 2018-11-26Author: dingli

As environmental protection is gaining more and more attention, the traditionalpotato residue drying production line has certain deficiencies. More companies have introduced environmentally friendly potato dregs dryers to meet customer needs. The environmentally friendly potato dreg dryer is the current demand for drying equipment for customers and the market. Energy-saving equipment not only reduces energy consumption for customers but also saves operating costs. Therefore, the market for environmentally friendly potato dregs dryers will be very optimistic.


The new potato dregs dryer launched by Zhengzhou Dingli can meet the environmental protection needs of customers and is also popular in the industry. The company continues to carry out technological innovation, and the reference of new technology has also reduced the energy consumption of the equipment of the sweet potato slag dryer, realized energy saving and environmental protection, and saved the operating cost for the enterprise. At present, Zhengzhou Dingli has built many drying projects at home and abroad. Welcome everyone to come to the factory to buy.

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