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Prospects for the use of pasture dryer

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With the diversification of feed ingredients, the development of China's feed industry is very rapid. Among them, pasture as a feed ingredient can be used for drying and processing, and its utilization prospects are also favored by domestic and foreign customers.


Forage drying requires the use of professional pasture dryer equipment. At present, the application of Dingli pasture dryer equipment is more suitable in the industry. Dingli pasture dryer equipment is suitable for alfalfa, grassy, oat grass, royal bamboo grass, Straw, etc., the shredded grass is sent to the drum by the conveyor, the grass and the hot air exchange heat, and the grass that achieves the drying effect is discharged from the drum under the action of the wind. The wet pasture that does not reach the drying effect cannot travel quickly due to its own weight, and the pasture is within the control stroke. Drying is carried out to achieve a drying effect.

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