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Energy saving and emission reduction brewer's grain dryer

Time: 2018-12-10Author: dingli

In recent years, the country has been advocating energy-saving and emission-reduction, and people's awareness of energy-saving and emission-reduction has become stronger and stronger. Dingli is a professional manufacturer of brewer's grain dryer equipment. Over the years, the company has always been committed to the development of advanced brewer's grain dryer technology.


The brewer's grain dryer plant produced by our company strictly controls the drying temperature, pressure, air volume, and rotation speed of the dryer according to the characteristics of the brewer's dregs, and it also adopts different types of lifting devices, cleaning devices and crushing devices inside the drum. Solve the sticky wall and broken problem of brewer's grains in the drying process. Dingli adopts downstream drying to fully realize heat exchange and thermal conversion to improve the drying efficiency and heat utilization rate. A reasonable dust collector configuration reduces exhaust gas temperature and exhaust gas dust emission concentration, and strives to reduce energy consumption.


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