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Shanxi coal slime drying project installation and commissioning has been completed

Time: 2018-12-26Author: dingli

The installation and commissioning work of another coal slime drying project started by our company in Shanxi last month has been completed, and the equipment will be put into operation after the test machine.


This project is another key project of our company in Shanxi. Although the weather is very bad, the installation team is still working on the front line. After a month of hard work, Shanxi coal slime drying project was officially completed. After that, our staff will conduct equipment testing and technical training for the enterprise customers, so that the later operation and commissioning of the slime dryer will be carried out.The construction of the Shanxi Coal Slurry Drying Project is of great significance to the development of enterprise customers and Zhengzhou Dingli. It has realized the mechanized drying treatment of coal slime and promoted the slime processing.The development of the industry has positive significance for improving the core competitiveness of both companies. It is believed that the cooperation between the two parties will achieve a win-win situation for enterprises.

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