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Chicken manure dryer manufacturer to share tips to reduce the cost of drying chicken manure

Time: 2019-01-21Author: dingli

In ensuring the quality of chicken manure drying, based on the maximum reduction of chicken manure dryer production costs, is that every user is more concerned about the issue.We all know that chicken manure drying mainly depends on the heat exchange effect. Therefore, when the chicken manure material in the higher water, the moisture content of the finished product in the case of the same, the required heat will be more. In this case, hot blast stoves are needed to provide more heat to the chicken manure dryer, thereby increasing the input cost of the fuel. Therefore, in order to reduce the production cost of chicken manure dryer, it is necessary to strictly control the moisture content of chicken manure raw materials.


In the chicken manure drying process, the heat and temperature is to ensure the quality of finished products and drying the key. If the chicken manure drying cylinder insufficient heat, temperature instability, not only greatly affect the quality of finished products, but also reduce the speed of drying chicken manure, thereby increasing energy consumption. Therefore, reducing the chicken manure dryer is a very important step is to do a good job of drying the cylinder seal to prevent the loss of heat through the cylinder outward serious, so as to ensure sufficient internal heat dryer and stable temperature, strengthen heat and mass transfer, greatly improve the drying efficiency, cost savings investment.

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