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Coal washing process of slime drying treatment

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Coal slime resources will not be used directly after mining. The coal slime dryer is required to be treated and dried. In the process of drying, coal washing is a very important process. Today, we talk with you about the coal washing process.


The fresh coal contains a lot of impurities. By washing coal, some of the impurities can be removed and the good and bad slime is separated. In this way, different types of slime can be used better and the utilization rate of coal is improved. The products of coal washing are mainly gangue, coal and fine coal. These products are due to physical characteristics. The different areas of sex are different. This is the role of coal washing in the industrial chain of coal slime utilization. How does it wash coal? After coal mining, the main processing procedure is to have these links: coal, sieving, crushing, storage, loading and so on. These are the common processing procedures before the coal slime drying.


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