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Zhengzhou Dingli new brewer's grain spent drying equipment

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Brewer's grain dryer plays a very important role in the drying process of distiller's grains. With the increase in the demand for distiller's grains drying, new distiller's grains drying equipment has emerged, such as the current steam beer distiller dryer equipment on the market. Wait, today we will introduce the application of steam beer waste dryer equipment in the drying of distiller's grains.


The brewer's steam dryer of Zhengzhou Dingli has introduced a variety of specifications to meet the needs of customers to deal with different production capacity and moisture. The steam beer brewer dryer uses the heat generated by steam to return to the drum, which can realize heat. Recycling. The beer and other materials are fully contacted with the hot air in the drum to complete the drying. The Dingli Beer Dregs Steam Dryer has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, large production capacity, continuous production, simple operation and high mechanization.

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