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Cassava residue drying production line equipment configuration

Time: 2019-02-18Author: dingli

The application of cassava residue feed is its main utilization method, but what is the cost of cassava slag drying feed? What kind of equipment configuration should be in the drying production line?


Because cassava is rich in nutrients, some companies choose to use it. In this process, a certain amount of cassava slag is produced. The cassava slag contains fiber and protein, and it also has certain nutritional value. The slag dryer sells the dried product into a finished feed product, and the customer responds well. The use of cassava slag on the price saves nearly half of the feed cost compared to corn bran and rice bran. In the aspect of feed quality, if high-quality potato dregs dryer (such as Dingli potato dregs drying equipment) is used, the materials can be treated under the condition of ensuring nutrient content. These two advantages are also the reasons why enterprises use cassava residue as feed ingredients. One, at the same time, enables companies to increase certain benefits. The use of high-quality dryer equipment can improve the drying efficiency of materials, while reducing the overall cost, bringing more benefits to the enterprise.

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