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Detailed description of the specifications of the coal slime dryer

Time: 2019-03-21Author: dingli

In the process of peat drying, suitable equipment can be used to allow the materials to be fully dried and to obtain objective benefits. Which peat dryer is suitable?


When we buy a peat dryer, how about starting from several aspects? The difference in mechanical equipment on the market today is mainly reflected in the difference in the production of materials used in 1 technology and process 2 equipment. Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has certain advantages in the technology and technology of peat dryers. It is because Zhengzhou Dingli has its own R&D center enterprise, which has core drying technology and products, and these also obtained national patent certificates; secondly, the materials used in Peat Dryer equipment are carefully selected and should be In the related equipment, in the process of production, the equipment is precisely machined and produced, and the staff layer checks the production of high-quality equipment for customers.

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