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Detailed drying process of straw drying equipment

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Drying is important for the proper preparation of materials prior to their briquetting. To make good quality briquettes with high density, it is very important to control the moisture content of raw material to 8-12% before loading them into briquette machine, so straw and other kinds of biomass need to be dried first.


In this system, wet material is input into the hopper by screw feeder. Fuel furnace produces large volume of hot air, the hot air is driven into steel pipes, mixed with wet straw and moved through curving pipes and drying chamber by the power of fan blower. Fast moving hot air sustains and is mixed with raw material sent by spiral feeder in the suspending state through the steel pipe, moisture evaporates as the material traverses along the steel pipe and is rendered dry at the discharge end. Humid air is continuously exhausted, thus the material is dried. The air lock in the outlet stops the hot air to be exhausted to the atmosphere, but release the dried material via cyclone.

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