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Zhengzhou Dingli coal slime drying project in Guizhou was officially completed

Time: 2019-04-17Author: dingli

Zhengzhou Dingli's coal slime drying project in Guizhou has been officially completed, and the equipment has been put into operation. The following picture is from installation site:


The Guizhou coal slime drying project is a key project of Zhengzhou Dingli and local customers. From the product design, production, production, installation and commissioning of the slime dryer, Zhengzhou Dingli technical team provides one-stop service, the coal of the project. The mud drying equipment has the advantages of high productivity and high efficiency. At the same time, it combines the customer's demand for  heat source and other customized coal slime production lines. At present, the production capacity after the equipment is put into production meets customer expectations, and the customers praise the equipment of our company. Greater praise for the spirit of our company's technical team in the local show, Zhengzhou is fully grateful to Guizhou customers for their recognition of the company, after the project is put into production, we will continue to provide technical support and other after-sales service.

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