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Chicken manure dryer helps you turn waste into treasure

Time: 2019-04-29Author: dingli

Chicken manure dryer is one of the main products of Zhengzhou Dingli Organic Fertilizer Series. According to customer's finished product requirements, unit time processing capacity and user's local site conditions, our company provides customized design services for chicken manure drying machine. The large, medium and small chicken manure dryer complete sets of equipment can meet the production requirements of various levels of chicken manure drying processing.

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Chicken manure organic fertilizer is based on fresh chicken manure. It is refined by high temperature drying, concentrated pulverization, sterilization and sterilization, decomposition and deodorization. Zhengzhou Dingli chicken manure dryer is the necessary equipment for making pure chicken manure organic fertilizer. The entire process of running the chicken manure dryer is fully enclosed. That is to reduce the pollution of the environment and play a role in energy conservation and environmental protection. The performance characteristics of our chicken manure dryer are dust removal and deodorization. We can dry the materials with high water content according to customer needs to the customer's needs.

Côte d'Ivoire and Congo have had long-term cooperation with our company, and our after-sales service has been well received by customers. Welcome customers who are interested in Zhengzhou Dingli drying equipment products to come to consult and inspect.


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