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Shandong Coal Slime Steam Type Rotary Dryer Installation Site

Time: 2019-05-15Author: dingli

Dingli Group coal slime steam rotary dryer once again settled in Shandong Province. Yesterday, our company's steam coal slime drying equipment has been successfully delivered to the Shandong customer site. In order not to delay the customer's next production schedule. Early this morning, our professional installation engineers began the installation of the main body of the equipment and the installation of supporting equipment. The progress is going well, and after the installation is completed, it can be put into formal production soon.

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At the customer's request, the heat source used in this project is steam. The steam rotary dryer is indirectly heated to dry, and the steam is used to provide drying heat. The dryer has low drying energy consumption, safe drying process and materials. It is widely used in the coal, biomass, feed, fertilizer, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and other industries to dry small particles or weakly cohesive powder materials.

The steam rotary dryer is mainly composed of a tube heat exchanger, a heat source inlet and outlet center tube, a rotary drum, an inlet and outlet machine, an induced draft fan, a dust remover and a power distribution cabinet. The wet material is sent to the dryer, and under the tumbling of the lifting plate and the tube in the drum, the steam tube heat exchanger is fully contacted to realize heat transfer and mass transfer (110-250 ° C) constant temperature drying, in the material The water is vaporized and dispersed, and as the airflow is discharged, the moisture in the material is gradually reduced, and the material is dried. If you have such purchasing needs, please contact us as soon as possible, welcome to visit our factory at any time.


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