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Coconut Coir Drying Production Line Leads The World

Time: 2019-05-17Author: dingli

The fiber powder of the coconut shell is called coco peat, which is a natural medium that can be naturally explained from the process of processing the coconut shell fiber. Coco peat has excellent matrix properties, and the resource utilization of cocoon and other materials in landscaping not only meets the requirements of modern soilless cultivation technology development, but also has high economic, environmental protection and equipment benefits. The initial coconut peat moisture content is as high as 50%, the particle size is fine, the quality is light, and it cannot be stored and transported in large quantities. At present, most of the coco peat is not lost by incineration, or the accumulation is naturally degraded and wasted. Therefore, the use of coco peat must be dried, and it is particularly important to develop a set of equipment and production process suitable for coconut peat drying.

The capacity of coco peat is very small. When the moisture content is about 15% after drying, the cocoa weight is 80±5kg, and the particle size is generally less than 2cm, mostly about 1cm, which is mixed with a large amount of fiber and is easy to catch fire. At present, the coir pith dryer developed by Zhengzhou Dingli has been used by many foreign customers, and both of them have a very high evaluation of our coconut coir drying production line.

The process of coit pith drying is that 50-60% of the water that has been desalted and dehydrated is sent to the drum by the conveyor to achieve downstream flow. The coco peat is continuously picked up and scattered under the inner layer of the plate. Advance, through the inner, middle and outer three layers, to achieve the exchange of coco and hot air quality, the cocoon that achieves the drying effect quickly travels out of the drum under the action of wind, and the wet shred coconut that does not reach the drying effect cannot travel fast due to its own weight. The coco peat is fully dried in the control stroke to achieve the drying effect. The coconut peat moisture is reduced to 14-18% (customer requirements), and the drying process is completed and discharged by the screw conveyor.

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