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Fujian Customers Visit Dingli Consulting Dewatering Machine

Time: 2019-05-29Author: dingli

At high temperatures in summer, many high humidity materials need to be processed quickly to avoid contamination. Yesterday, Fujian customers came to our company to inspect the brewer's spent grain dehydration machine.

Fujian customers are local beer companies. There are many beer grains to be processed every day. After the beer is dehydrated, it is convenient for customers to transport and use. The customer immediately decided to visit our company after knowing that our company is a professional brewer's spent grain dewatering equipment manufacturer.

Screw Dehydrator.jpg

Dingli has screw type beer waste dewatering machine and belt type brewer's spent grain dehydrator. During the customer visit, our sales manager recommends the right equipment based on the customer's materials. The customer is very satisfied with this.

Belt Dehydrator.jpg

Through the materials testing machine and other means, customers can visually see the effect of our company's dewatering equipment, and also understand the technology and advantages of Dingli Group's beer waste dewatering equipment. The dehydrated finished product meets the customer's expectations, the customer is very satisfied, and hopes to start the project cooperation as soon as possible.

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