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Heilongjiang traditional Chinese medicine residue drying machine shipped

Time: 2019-07-02Author: dingli

Before the Zhengzhou Dingli and the Heilongjiang pharmaceutical company's traditional Chinese medicine slag drying project has entered the delivery process, the equipment has completed the loading work yesterday, today will officially be sent to Heilongjiang.

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In the Chinese medicine residue drying project of Heilongjiang, our company provides customers with the slag crushing and drying production line equipment in strict accordance with the contract, including crushing equipment, dewatering equipment, feeding equipment, dregs drying machine, discharging equipment and dregs forming equipment. , heat source system equipment, dust removal equipment, etc. In the process of designing the main body of the dregs dryer, the characteristics of the dregs are fully considered, the new process is adopted to avoid the material sticking to the cylinder, and the operation efficiency of the production line is improved. The high level of automation of the new dregs dryer can save the operation of the enterprise and cost.

Dingli Rotary Dryer has been widely used in many materials such as biomass, mining slag, dregs, etc. Our company provides customers with equipment that meets their production needs, meeting the drying demand of dozens of tons and hundreds of tons. Detailed parameters can be consulted online customer service.

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