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New Technology Being Used In Pellet Production

Date:2015-02-12 16:47:46 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

It's been a long time since the wood pellet and briquette products are being used in many fields, the biomass power generation plant, house heating system, etc, but the raw material mainly comes from the wood and wood sawdust. In the southern part of Berlin, a biomass fuel company named solar coal has been running tests on improving the technology of producing pellet fuel out of the organic urban and industrial waste, like the fallen leafs, the bagasse, the peel and the waste of palm oil processing factory, etc. The solar coal aims to produce the best pellet fuel for the power generation plant which uses both coal and biomass fuel.

Now it is unrealistic to use only biomass fuel in the power generation, although the cost of biomass fuel is reduced, but the cost is still higher than the cost of the coal, the engineer of the company predicted that even the yield of biomass fuel is increased in the near future, the cost would still be higher than the coal, so it is only with the help from the government can the biomass fuel industry develop faster and better.

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