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Wood shaving machine malfunction and solution

Date:2015-02-27 14:56:14 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

(1) wood shavings crusher belt is easy to bite when using, the reason is that the motor rotor and different heart wood crusher rotor, can move left and right the position of the motor, or padded surface at the foot of the bottom of the motor, to adjust the two rotor concentricity.
(2) wood shavings mill production is lower.Reason: the blade is sharp and not adjust to the appropriate location.Solution: remove the knife, knife tablets, adjust the blade scraps to the appropriate location.
(3) feeding difficulties, knife chip.Reason: heavily damaged knife, the knife gap is too big or too small.Solution: knife tablets, to ensure the blade sharp.2 to 3 mm, adjust the fixed knife clearance Angle of the blade is not greater than 30 °.
(4) feed fast machines crashing.Reason: feed speed not divide evenly, the blade is not sharp.Solution: uniform feeding, ensure the crushing chamber is not stock.Knife, the knife cutting speed.
(5) bearing heating.Reason: there is no butter in the bearing seat, bearing is not flat, bearing damage.Belt installed too close.Solution: bearing inner add butter, bearing balance, change new bearings, the tightness of the belt can be adjusted, the equipment to work normally.

Wood shavings equipment used mainly by the usual maintenance:
(1) to adjust the elastic belt, everyday after using drop 6-10 mm is appropriate.
(2) the internal cleaning machine, not legacy crush material.
(3) bearing butter filling in time, continuous work 3-4 hours filling a butter, observation should be paid attention to.

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