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Wood pellets are produced by compressing powdered biomass which has first passed through sieving machine to provide a uniform dough-like mass. This mass is fed to an extruder press where it is squeezed through a die having holes of the required size (normally around 6 mm diameter). The high pressure of the press causes the temperature of the biomass to increase greatly, and the lignin plastifies slightly forming a natural 'glue' that holds the pellet together as it cools.

Wood pellets is great alternative energy for heating homes, power plants, boilers, etc. They are from renewable resources and carbon neutral. Yes, they are a pricier fuel than coal, but burning them is a less-expensive way to generate electricity than using windmills or solar panels. Burning pellets releases the carbon that the trees would emit anyway when they die and decompose, so the process is widely regarded as largely "carbon neutral". In contrast, carbon is locked away in coal and is only released once the coal is dug out of the earth and burned.

Supreme Carbon Indonesia produces wood pellets with all natural materials, made of sawdust and wood shaves from tropical woods or coconut and palm kernel shells, free from recycled materials like particle board, treated or painted wood. Combustion efficiency more than 90%. They come in two different grades:
- Premium Grade
  -Made of sawdust and wood shavings from various tropical hardwoods
  -This is part of timber products
- Platinum Grade
  -Made of coconut shells and palm kernel shells
  -Ecofriendly, non-timber products
  -High density and unique product
  -Burn hotter and cleaner combustion

All of our wood pellets products are conforming to the European standard quality (DIN 51731 and ÖNORM M-7135):

Moisture < 10%
Density > 1.12 g/cm3 (sink in the water)
Ash < 0.5%
Thermal value > 18 MJ/kg
Diameter: min 4 mm, max 10 mm
Length < 50 mm
Sulfur < 0.04%
Chlorine < 0.02%
Nitrogen < 0.3%
Arsenic < 0.8 mg/kg
Cadmium < 0.5 mg/kg
Chromium < 8 mg/kg
Copper < 5 mg/kg
Mercury < 0.05 mg/kg
Lead < 10 mg/kg
Zinc < 100 mg/kg
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