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Congratulations to zhengzhou Dingli signed the second contract with Laos for drying production line plant

Date:2015-03-25 08:09:14 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

Breaking News!Zhengzhou Dingli drying production line will be set up in Laos. The customer bought the whole production line of vinasse drying plant in August,2014.Now the cooperation is put into production,and works  smoothly. Here is the first phase of operation:

After ordered a vinasse drying production line in 2014. Now in March 2015, zhengzhou Dingli received the customer order demand, and  Laos customer signed the second contract successfully with us.
Zhengzhou Dingli full  pay attention to product quality and customer approval of the company's products. With continuous research and development, the brand is improved, and it become the number of industry leading position.Why zhengzhou Dingli fully production, sales of vinasse drying production line, is ahead and well received by the market and customer?The answer is announced for you: zhengzhou Dingli Vinasse Dryer has the following advantages:
1. The PLC intelligent control, can ensure the product color yellow after drying, good palatability, high protein content.
2. The cylinder self insulation thermal efficiency can reach above 70% (traditional single drum dryer heat efficiency is only 35%), improve the thermal efficiency of more than 50%.
3. Covers an area of about 50% lower than single drum dryer and civil investment reduced by about 50%.
4. Adopt frequency control of motor speed control material flow, it can easily control  the final moisture indicator according to the customers' needs.
5.With new energy-saving stove with high efficiency and energy saving, thermal control, simple operation, coal consumption fell by about 60%, power consumption reduced by 50%, reduce running cost.

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