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What is the characteristics of the biomass energy

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What is the characteristics of the biomass energy .Compared with other renewable energy, developing biomass is what meaning.
1. The combustion process of the environmental pollution is small.Low content of harmful substances in the biomass, ash content, nitrogen, sulfur and other harmful substances are far below the mineral sources of energy.Biomass is generally not more than 0.2%, sulfur release CO2 is absorbed by the same amount of biomass combustion process, thus the CO2 zero emission energy.
2. Large reserves, renewable.As long as there is sunlight, photosynthesis will not stop.
3. Biomass energy has universality, easy to take.All countries and regions, and cheap, easy to take and simple processing.
4. Is the only way to transportation and storage of renewable energy sources.
5. High volatile constituent, carbon activity is high, easy to catch fire.After burning ash less and less binding.
6. Low energy density, big volume, transportation difficulties.
Biomass is a renewable energy from solar energy, has the characteristics of low carbon content;In addition to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere in the process of their growth as elements of the transfer.And with new technology development and utilization of biomass energy is not only help to reduce the greenhouse effect and ecological virtuous cycle, and can replace part of fossil fuels such as oil, coal, become one of the important way to solve the problem of energy and the environment.
The biomass particles can take the place of fuels such as coal and oil for heating?The heat energy can achieve?
1. Crop stalks of volatile, generally between 76% - 86%, about 200 ℃ volatile began to precipitate, if cannot provide sufficient combustion air, is not volatile burning by airflow out of the formation of black smoke.The biomass pellet fuel is better than that of uniform density, limits the volatilization.Overflow rate, extended the burning time, relieve the contradictions of the air supply.
2. Crop straw is loose after volatile analyze skeleton, airflow movement make its dissolution, formation flying black flocculant.And biomass pellet fuel reputation carbon structure closely, forming the so-called blue flame of coke.
Of course, heat to 4800 calories.Pellet fuel use:
When heating and civil life can use: fuel efficiency is high, easy to store
When industrial boiler, biomass as the main fuel of industrial boilers, coal-fired, solve the environmental pollution
When power: can be used as the fuel of thermal power generation
The advantage of biomass pellet fuel
"Low carbon environmental protection", biomass pellet fuel is a renewable resource.Can replace oil, coal, natural gas.The fuel density, low moisture, low carbon.
, biomass pellet fuel saving space 】 【 after high temperature and high pressure molding, fully saves storage space, but also to transport.
Burning point high fuel sustainable long 】 【, biomass pellet fuel can greatly improve the combustion efficiency of woodiness material, the thermal efficiency can increase by more than 80%, 1 t biomass pellet fuel the heat generated by the equivalent of 0.8 t coal.

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