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Dingli’s coal slime dryer shipped to Inner Mongolia

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DLSG brewer's grains dryer ordered by the customer from Yunnan has been manufactured completely and will be shipped this afternoon. Our company will offer our customer first-class service with high-quality installation and test.

Brewer's grains drying production line of Zhengzhou Dingli sent to Yunnan, china today

Brewer's grains is the by-products in beer production. It has the characteristics of low price, large supply, rich nutrient and good fattening effect. The development of Brewer's grains into an untraditional feed will greatly relieve the burden on feed resources, reduce production cost, and raise the economic benefits.

Brewer's grains dryer is an indispensable part in the brewer's grains feed production system. At present, this set of equipment has been put into use globally in many beer and feed processing enterprises and has created considerable economic benefits.

Zhengzhou Dingli is a globally technical enterprise in high-moisture material drying equipment design and manufacture. Our self-developed brewer's grains dryer has the characteristics of high dry production, energy saving, and low maintenance cost. It has got the large amounts of compliment from our customers after entering market.

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