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Technology innovation is the source for enterprise development,  our company has reinforced full independent research and industry-university-research cooperation, and constantly encourage employees to innovate and continue to increase investment in scientific research, to seize the high ground of science and technology , and constantly enhance innovation capability.

"one kind of pulverized coal fired gas igniter" is applied by Dingli  in May 2013, and has obtained the invention patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office after lasting more than two years. This is the fourth invention patent following the three national patents: burning hot air producer" (Patent No. ZL 2012 1 0302219.8), "a slurry dust burn-back furnace  " (Patent No. ZL 2012 1 0308996.3), and "a drying and calcining synthetic gypsum production process "(Patent No. ZL 2013 1 0214297.7).
The authority of  national patent  will further play the leading products advantages of proprietary intellectual property rights, and has a significant sense for further upgrading the technological content of products and enhancing their core competitiveness .

Mr. Li Liuji , the chairman and general manager of Zhengzhou Dingli group,  one of the top ten scientific and technological innovation entrepreneurs in Henan Province , lead the Group to manage efficient elite team, launch successively various types of  high-tech products applied for  design, development, application, terminal services into market at home and abroad, to maintain good cooperation with a number of large domestic and foreign companies.


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