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Nigeria clients inspected kaolin dryer in Dingli Group

Time: 2015-06-27Author: dingli

Recently, three Nigeria clients inspected Kaolin drying project of our company, our leadership warmly received them, and the two sides carried out further talks on cooperation for kaolin drying  projects .

Nigeria has rich kaolin resources: high-quality kaolin reserves is about 3 billion tons ,   of which ore reserves of 90% purity kaolin is about 3.4 million tons. The mineral can be widely used in paints, rubber, paper, cement, cosmetics, ceramics and sandpaper, emery and other abrasive production. The use value of the Kaolin can be improved through the treatment of professional dryer equipment. Zhengzhou Dingli is well-known for their dryer manufacturers. Nigerian customers are very interested in new kaolin dryer, then decide to visit workshop for the field trips, our leaders accompanied customers to visit the workshop and exhibition hall. The two sides conducted detailed talk on kaolin Cooperation projects, our engineers  introduced  the craft carefully and applied drying technology of the kaolin dryer to our clients. The customers are very satisfied and willing to cooperate with us, then two sides signed the letter of intent pleasantly.

Nigeria customers are looking forward to the follow-up cooperation, our company also promised to offer high-quality equipment and perfect technology as the support, hope that the two sides treat his collaboration as an opportunity to further strengthen the depth and breadth of cooperation between the two sides, jointly promote the development of the local kaolin industry.


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