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Today, our coal slime drying production line with the output 200,000 tons / year is chosen by the customers from Diaobingshan, Liaoning province. The contact the two sides have signed marks that our coal slime drying equipment  is built in Liaoning again.

 Diaobingshan of Liaoning is an emerging coal industrial city, has the exploitable reserves of 2.25billion tons, under the condition of limiting production and reducing stock from our country, the annual production capacity is still up to 15million tons; the annual emissions of the coal gangue can reach 3 million tons ; The total reserves of CBM is 28.2 billion cubic meters; and the customer who ordered the slime dryer is from a well-known local coal enterprise, the company is an enterprise which mainly manages coal, coal chemical industry, electricity, gas and other industries, and that the company is committed to provide customers with the top-quality coal around the world,the coal industry has become  an exemplary enterprise in the coal field.

Zhengzhou Dingli is always attaching great importance to the customer service and technology to support the team building, fully implement the service integration strategy. We penetrate the belief "serve and satisfy every need of the customer” into  the research and development of drying technology. Our company will provide the customer with the high-quality coal slime drying equipment and efficient service, the two sides will complement each other's advantages for win-win cooperation and development.

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