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Why should we quickly resolve the air leakage situation of sawdust dryer

Date:2015-07-02 14:33:18 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

If the sawdust dryer occurs air leakage condition, the technical staff will deal with it as soon as possible, today editor will tell you the reason for us to know the consequences of sawdust dryer occurs air leakage.

In the wood drying equipment, air leakage occurs mainly in the contact surface  between device and hood, the contact site among product gate, cap, trail, and smoke chamber. On the face, it will leak air, but the impact coming from different place is different, and the similarities are that will waste blower effort, increase the power consumption. when the leakage level of drying device  changes, the balance will be changed  and decomposed between the dryer and using wind. The air leakage of sawdust dryer equipment will affect the second  air intaking volume, thereby reducing air temperature, improving the heat dissipation. The air leakage occurring at the end of dryer will affects the wind amount which is used for burning in the sawdust dryer, so that the combustion is not sufficient, and the use of materials improve, but also increases the content of sawdust dryer discharges carbon monoxide, resulting in the condensation occurring at the rising flue.

Leakage of sawdust drying plant will have a direct impact on effectiveness and efficiency of the drying, once a serious leakage case occurs, the technicians should find the reason as soon as possible to avoid losses.

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