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You need understand several types of lifting boards for rotary drum dryer

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The composition of the device is referred during introducing the process of the cylinder dryer , including some presentation about the accessories , among which the lifting board plays a certain role. In fact, the lifting board also comes in different types, do you know how many kinds of lifting board of cylinder dryer? which type is more suitable for the rotary drum dryer? The introduction about the lifting board of the rattler-drying machinery is as follows.

 The  currently used  lifting board is lifting-type shoveling plate. This  lifting board is widely used on the drying equipment and mainly applied for the material which is the large block and easy to cohesive. This evenly distributed type of lifting board is easy to be swept inside the drum, and can ensure that the material is more evenly distributed across section plane. This lifting board is cheap for the powdery and blocked material, which is always used for drying the pulverized coal, calcium hydrogen phosphate and calcium light, glycine and powdered graphite, etc. The fan-shaped lifting board is composed with the flabellate part of the lifting-type plate. The material gradually declines along  all sorts of winding access, and is dried by contacting fully with the hot air. This shoveling plate is used for material which is massive, brash and dense. The cellular lifting board is used for lowering the height that material falls, reduce the dust capacity producing from the drying process, thus it is used for the finely-divided material which is easy to generate dust. The four kinds of lifting boards are used for rotary drum dryer with different materials.

The type of the dryer is different relying on various materials, such as coal slime dryer, brewer's grains dryer. The most suitable lifting board is chosen according to the material traits and the equipment condition.

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