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The local environment impacts on the brewer’s grain dryer equipment

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Before designing brewer’s grains dryer, many technical staff will survey the installation site in order to produce a more suitable dryer equipment,  we can find that the installation factor of equipment impacts the design of the equipment.

The impact of the equipment installation site: For example: whether the brewers' grain dryer should be installed in south or north, at the coast or inland, which are related to the thickness of the insulation layer devices, as well as we also pay attention to the local weather conditions if it is installed outdoors , such as the level of wind and seismic requirements. The average relative humidity of the installation site, annual average relative humidity are the basic parameters for drying equipment in the material balance and heat balance , such as: water evaporation is under the same conditions, using high moisture content of wet air as carrier, air consumption will increase, heat consumption will increase.  the average local temperature is the important parameters to design and define the various drying equipments.

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