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Good news: Zhengzhou Dingli regains 10 patent certificates

Date:2015-07-18 16:15:16 Zhengzhou Dingli New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

R & D department again came good news: our company regains 10 patent certificates,this is a recognition for our technical staffs who are always committing to research and development, our company will continue to research and innovate the drying technology, and create more high quality equipment for the clients.

We get 10 patent certificates again, this is our recognition long-term commitment to the development of the technical staff of recognition, but also to strengthen our research and development technology, our technical staff will continue for drying technology, and to produce more high-quality equipment.

dingli certificate

At present, our company has obtained nearly two hundred items of national patents, application of the patent products in the production line greatly improves the drying efficiency of the production line to make sure that material drying process achieves high efficiency and energy saving. Dingli technical staff develop the most appropriate technology and equipment in customer's perspective. The obtainment of new type patent certification has great significance for promoting independent innovation capability ,and marks the company has taken a solid step forward in technology research and development level, patent awareness, intellectual property protection.

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